Tammy Honey is an Australian artist who for the past 25 years has made work about memory and pop culture aesthetics. She has exhibited and screened in numerous countries and venues including the TATE Modern, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne, SCOPE Art Fair, and the Dundee Arts Centre, UK.


She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Tasmania (2004) and is represented in collections such as the ERGAS Collection at the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney and private collections in Australia and France. 


Tammy Honey Artist


My work has for the past 25 years framed a Metamodernist approach of oscillation between memory and social issues represented through video art, painting, collage, and installation. Within this structure, I work in a method of long term, ongoing series of works that address a particular thematic situated within my practice.


My current work is comprised of the 'iLandscape' series (2007- ) which recontextualises memory and art history through badly sung pop music, 'iCandy' (2007- ) which addresses memory and the reclamation of how women are perceived through beauty, and ‘Aesthetic Disruption' (2018- ) which recontextualises print media aesthetics through video and collage, 'Colour field series (2015-) which recontextualises memory and the study of colour through synthetic polymer paint on canvas and video.