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Not long to go now…

I’ve been working on my next round of NFT art and this series is made up of 19 moving images of Fremantle, inspired by my memories from the time I spent there. I’ve also been focusing on the video art side of my residency this week. At first, I thought I would create a 96-minute artwork but now have created a 1996 second, a two-channel video installation which I’m hoping to physically exhibit at Fremantle Art Centre.

My process to create this body of work is layered, which oscillates back and forth between painting and digital. I start by first, drawing on colour from my memories, photos and maps. I then create digital images based on this process which then moves onto painting colour field and map paintings. After these paintings are finished, I convert interpretations back into digital as a second-handed iteration, and once this is done, I make the digital stills into moving images and then make sound work for the videos.


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