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Artefacts from 21st Century Humans

Curator's Statement

In late 2946, Mystery K, a cultural curator from the World Museum in New Norway discovers a priceless archaeological site in the former country of Australia, which dates back to the year 2017. The site is unearthed to reveal an art gallery with surviving and mostly untouched artefacts, some of which are still hanging on the walls where they were first placed over 900 years ago by human artists from the beginning of the 21st century.

This exhibition will be particularly valuable in learning about the pre-extinction human period of the proto-hologenic age. Entry into the exhibition is 10 million pesos (prime units) and 3 millions pesos ((clone minors).

Featured artists: Sophia Honey Wilson, Isabella Honey Wilson, Tammy Honey, Phil Edwards, John MacKinnon, Mira Thurner, Darrin Verhagen, and Shaun Wilson.

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