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Cube 37 - Glass Cube Gallery


Cube 37 - Glass Cube Gallery, Art After Dark

5 April - 21 April

Tammy Honey ‘iBeach’ screened TATE Modern, London, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, ACMI, touring 2007-09

iLandscape (2007- ) is an ongoing video art umbrella suite comprised of the subset series’ i-Beach , i-Industrial , and i-Bush which make commentary of the phenomenon of TV talent contest auditions gone bad with attention to the irony of the inner pop star unknowingly performing into a public context unaware of their extent of bad singing, juxtaposed into referential examples of historical Australian landscape paintings from the Australian Impressionists, the Melbourne pre-war period, and the Angry Penguins. i-Beach focuses on coastal painting produced along what is now called the Bayside Arts Trail near Sandringham and Mentone in Victoria with selected referenced works from Roberts, McCubbin, and Streeton, filmed on location of where each artist painted during their Heidelberg School exploits; i-Industrial contextualises urban-industrialised scenes from the Angry Penguins contributions from examples such as Tucker’s wartime Richmond and Collingwood factory paintings; whereas i-Bush retraces the Australian Tonalists by recontextualising works from Max Meldrum and Lloyd Rees. The exhibition will screen a new work from the 2018 in-progress series.

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