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Week 1 at FAC 2022


In my residency, I will be focusing on creating a body of work that explores revisiting my memories of time spent in Western Australia during the mid-1990s. Week 1 was spent looking back through journals and projects that I created during this time. I was also lucky to reconnect with friends from art school, reminding me of the wonderful times we had there. We didn’t take a lot of photos back then although I wish I had. Then I started to look at maps to remind me of the locations and events that I experienced, which made me decide how to start my investigation. This week, I’ll work out my colour collection for the new series, which is the first stage to create a moment in time and daydream with the colours.

Just uploaded some video logs to FAC Artist in Residency 2022 @fremantleartscentre

here is link below


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