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What a busy week in the studio

What a busy week in the studio as I have resolved how the paintings, video, digital images, NFT art, and soundtrack all work and oscillate with each other. A few of the paintings have had some gold leaf introduced to them and to my surprise it has added a beautiful layer.

At the same time, I have been busy with the video art working on 19 pieces at the moment to make into one large work which will run for 96 minutes.

This week I have realised that the body of work will be called 96 and want to make a follow-up 95 series. It has been a week of clarity and light bulb moments which has led me to a body of work that will go for years. I'm enjoying how the time restriction of this residency is making me focus and resolve my project. Even when my time has finished I will refine this collection to create a beautiful installation. What a week and can’t wait to see how much I will get through in the up and coming weeks.


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